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Ten Commandments Monument wouldn’t reflect our actions or our votes

By Dr. George E. Young, Sr. OKLAHOMA CITY — Article 1, Section 2 of the Oklahoma Constitution states: “Perfect toleration of religious sentiment shall be secured, and no inhabitant of the State shall ever be molested in person or property on account of his or her mode of religious worship; and no religious test shall […]

Richard Glossip’s Books of numbers, translations, alternatives, aspirations and justice: Time for mercy, not sacrifice

by Patrick B. McGuigan, editor OKLAHOMA CITY – The Ten Commandments include an admonition often translated “Thou shalt not kill” – alternatively, “You shall not murder.” (Exodus 20:13, NAB) This directive from the One Who made us, some contend, should in these days preclude use of capital punishment, which is obviously the Ultimate Sanction for […]

Legislators dismayed at Oklahoma State Supreme Court decision on Ten Commandments monument

by Patrick B. McGuigan, editor OKLAHOMA CITY – Members of the Oklahoma state Legislature are dismayed – and some are furious – over the Oklahoma State Supreme Court’s decision demanding removal of a Ten Commandments monument. In a 7-2 decision issued June 30, the justices agreed with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU, Oklahoma) that […]

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