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Heads Up: If my posts go ‘missing in action” during these interesting times

Patrick B. McGuigan NOTE: This essay is adapted from a post that appeared the evening of Constitution Day (September 17) on the facebook pages for CapitolBeatOK and The City Sentinel newspaper. OKLAHOMA CITY – Should one or another of the Facebook pages with which I am affiliated go “missing in action,” I have no intention […]

ANALYSIS IN BRIEF: The most important decision in Oklahoma history, ‘McGirt v. Oklahoma’

Patrick B. McGuigan, Publisher  NOTE: This is adapted from a longer essay which appeared in The August print edition and last month at, and  In July, the U.S. Supreme Court issued the most significant legal decision in Oklahoma’s history. Here is a distilled analysis of this historic case.  Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote for the majority: “On the […]

Hunter and five tribal leaders release ‘agreement in principle’ on state/tribal jurisdiction

  Patrick B. McGuigan   OKLAHOMA CITY – Attorney General Mike Hunter and tribal leaders “collaborating after the ‘McGirt v. Oklahoma’ decision today” [Thursday, July 16] “released an agreement in principle for proposed federal legislation that will clarify respective state and tribal jurisdiction in both criminal and civil matters.” The attorney general’s office had not, […]

Opinion: Every Voice Matters — but some words matter more than others

Patrick B. McGuigan   In the early 2000s at a school in northeast Oklahoma City, students and faculty together recited the Pledge of Allegiance, including the phrase “under God” (two words blended in after a campaign the Knights of Columbus led during the Eisenhower years). On special occasions (not every day, but often), we would […]

COMMENTARY: Reflections on Recent Days, looking back and thinking ahead – and asking a question

Patrick B. McGuigan In the course of Human Events, it’s A.D. 2020. That’s Anno Domini – the Year of Our Lord – a phrase every American president, including each of the last two, used to give a dignified dating system for proclamations. We live in a time when the divisions in politics are nearly matched […]

National Security and Academic Integrity: Scholars focus critical scrutiny on Confucius Institutes

Patrick B. McGuigan   The National Association of Scholars (NAS) recently sponsored, “China, the American Academy and the National Interest: A Virtual Panel Discussion.” Three American scholars and an academic speaking from Europe parsed thorny issues, relating substantive reasons for concerns—which ranged from merely serious to profound—about so-called “Confucius Institutes” on U.S. campuses. While the […]

Honoring ‘The Defender’ – one of America’s most consequential newspapers – and hoping for a new generation of independent voices

  Patrick B. McGuigan   NOTE: This review first appeared in The City Sentinel newspaper during the 2016 campaign season. It was reposted in 2019. As journalism faces collapsing business models and other mounting challenges, and in the midst of another presidential election year, the themes explored in the review remain, we hope, worthy of […]

To My Students, to my Friends, and to my Readers: A Summer Reading List

Patrick B. McGuigan With affection and appreciation, here is a summer reading list for those who have been my students across the years, from the college level in the late 1970s through my most recent years teaching in common education It is also worthy of the consideration of those who engage with my reporting and […]

A journey toward faith: Reflections from a mustard seed, to rest in Him

  Patrick B. McGuigan   Oklahoma City – As a lad, the Sisters of Mercy taught me and classmates at Bishop John Carroll School these words of Jesus: “I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it […]

Commentary – I was wrong in part, but now I am right in full: Stitt, Comanche and Otoe-Missouria green light a better future

  Patrick B. McGuigan, The City Sentinel   In the May print edition of The City Sentinel newspaper, I crafted a rather cautious defense of the gaming compact Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt forged with the Comanche Nation and the Otoe-Missouria Tribe. It was also posted online. Forgive me: I was wrong to be cautious, although […]

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