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Narrative in despair: The dear Children, the fond Hope, the awful Reality of Kashmir

Nyla Ali Khan Yet again in Kashmir, the latter days of September brought heart-rending news of a mother losing her son who was in the prime of his youth. Two innocent and lovely girls losy a father around whom their world revolved. And a young woman lost a partner with whom she was creating a […]

A Mother’s Musings: On Raising Daughters

  Nyla Ali Khan   OKLAHOMA CITY – I am more cognizant than ever of the importance of raising daughters well in a world that is not kind to those perceived as weak. I love being a mother to a daughter, and am completely invested in raising her to be her own person. When I […]

In thrall to the beauteous Valley of Memory: My heart is in Kashmir

Nyla Ali Khan   Editor’s Note of introduction: Dr. Nyla Ali Khan writes with grace and precision. In a few hundred words, she can help us understand a complex matter concerning a land far away (but close to her heart) – or, in works of the heart, bring to the mind snapshots from a time […]

Amid the hideous pandemic, praying wise souls will avoid ‘another bout of fighting’

Nyla Ali Khan   Even in the midst of this hideous pandemic, the conflict in Kashmir continues unabated. Whoever dies — civilians, soldiers, or militants — people are killed, women are widowed, and so many children orphaned. One could – without directly comparing this conflict to the novel coronavirus – call the struggles in and […]

Commentary: Rewriting history is not legitimately an “internal” matter

by Nyla Ali Khan   For those who labor under the delusion that the curtailment of civil liberties in Kashmir and persecution of minorities in Delhi are “internal” matters: India chose democracy, secularism, and socialism as its goals in 1947. The first milestone on this road is democracy. Democracy entails a lot more than merely […]

After the U.S. – India deal, hoping for the best

Nyla Ali Khan Along with the strengthening of economic ties between the United States and India, I hope the political uncertainty in Jammu and Kashmir ends. I hope monstrous laws, which Kashmir is currently ruled by — that have crippled all political and social life in the union territory and paralyzed all progress — are […]

COMMENTARY: Every Citizen’s Right to Liberty and Justice

Nyla Ali Khan   While I have been highly critical of the extended detentions of former heads of government, former legislators, and a former civil services officer under the Public Safety Act (PSC), I cannot forget the 200 Kashmiri men being held in jails outside the Valley. These incarcerated Kashmiris have been detained in Jammu […]

India’s political space is shrinking, muzzling voices of dissent

Dr. Nyla Ali Khan   Editor’s Note: Reference is made in Dr. Nyla’s essay to “détenu”. This word categorizes political prisoners, particularly in the context of India. Rational people cannot gloss over the arbitrary exercise of authority in Kashmir, nor can they legitimize the lack of accountability in the union territory. Subsequent to the revocation […]

Without charges, India’s Prime Minister Modi moves against Kashmiri leaders under draconian law

  Publisher Patrick B. McGuigan’s introduction to The City Sentinel’s publication of Nyla Khan’s comments on recent events in her homeland of Jammu and Kashmir. My sympathies lean toward the elements in Kashmir who in good faith bought into the promise of autonomy or semi-autonomy under the Indian Constitution. Indian Prime Minister Modi and his […]

All politics is local: A Member of Parliament worked in New Delhi, with her heart in Kashmir

by Nyla Ali Khan Patrick B. McGuigan’s preface: This essay is adapted from a Facebook post by Dr. Nyla Ali Khan, native of Kashmir, now a professor at Rose State College in Midwest City and visiting professor at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. Her most recent book is “Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah’s Reflections on Kashmir,” […]

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