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The City Sentinel – Top Ten Local Stories for 2016

by Patrick B. McGuigan OKLAHOMA CITY – Although some would designate the 2016 elections as a national event primarily, from the presidency to the grass roots in the heart of Oklahoma City they were the top local story of the past year. Former Governor David Walters commented during the primary campaign, it was unusual for […]

Oklahoma Sierra Club participates in Earth(quake) Day Rally at state Capitol

  By Darla Shelden City Sentinel Reporter On Tuesday, April 12, the Oklahoma Chapter of Sierra Club participated in the “Earth(quake) Day Rally at the state Capitol.  The event was hosted by State Representative Richard Morrissette (D-Oklahoma City). Approximately 100 people attended and heard leaders of ten local organizations speak on the issues of the recent siege […]

Erin Brockovich visits Oklahoma to be a “voice of the people” on earthquakes, water issues

by Patrick B. McGuigan OKLAHOMA CITY – Erin Brockovich, at a Capitol press conference hosted by state Rep. Richard Morrissette, D-Oklahoma City, said she came to the Sooner State to serve as a “voice of the people, their advocate.” Her comments were critical of the state oil and gas industry, saying Oklahoma and much of […]

Activist Erin Brockovich to participate in three Oklahoma earthquake forums

By Darla Shelden City Sentinel Reporter On Tuesday, February 23, consumer advocate and environmental activist Erin Brockovich will participate in a public earthquake forum hosted by Oklahoma State Rep. Richard Morrissette (D-Oklahoma City). The event will take place at the University of Central Oklahoma Constitution Hall from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. During the forum panelists […]

Rep. Morrissette’s Earthquake Damage Hearing Friday, January 15

Staff Report OKLAHOMA CITY – An “earthquake damage reparation fund” financed from a fee levied on oilpatch wastewater pumped into disposal wells will be among several ideas discussed Friday during a public hearing at the State Capitol. The event is being organized by state Rep. Richard Morrissette, D-Oklahoma City. The public forum is scheduled for […]

Capitol Report for January 2: 2015’s death penalty/Glossip top 2015 Oklahoma state story, and concerns about the future

By Alex Cameron and Pat McGuigan On News9 in Oklahoma City, Patrick B. McGuigan presented the top ten stories “Capitol Beat” stories for 2015. McGuigan told reporter Alex Cameron the top story — dramatic erosion of public support for the death penalty — centered around the possible execution of Richard Glossip. In second, was the budget and […]

Environmental groups to host screening of earthquake documentary “Oklahoma Shakedown”

By Darla Shelden City Sentinel Reporter A filmmaker and members of activist environmental groups say that finally the voice of average Oklahomans, whose lives are affected by the state’s recent onset of earthquakes, will be heard in a one-hour documentary entitled, “Oklahoma Shakedown.” On Tuesday, November 17, a new film will reveal those stories. A […]

Critics say Oklahoma’s state government earthquake response is inadequate

Staff Report OKLAHOMA CITY – A cluster of critics are assailing what they deem inadequate or delayed response from state government to counter increased earthquakes in Oklahoma. The Sierra Club of Oklahoma and Kansas hosted a meeting at the Stillwater Public Library on Saturday (August 8). Professor Todd Halihan of Oklahoma State University was among […]

They felt the earth move, under their feet – Fallin’s Council acknowledges correlation between quakes and deep disposal wells

by Patrick B. McGuigan, editor OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Coordinating Council of Seismic Activity met last week at the state Capitol. As in the past, its deliberations took place out of the public eye. However, after meeting members of the Council sat in Gov. Mary Fallin’s large conference room. Fallin, her Cabinet Energy and […]

Earthquakes in Oklahoma and Kansas draw activists to Medford

By Darla Shelden City Sentinel Reporter Last week more than 100 people converged on Medford, Oklahoma to attend the Earthquake Fighters Feast & Film event sponsored by Sierra Club chapters of Kansas and Oklahoma. The forum addressed the science behind the rash of earthquakes occurring in the two states and focused on what citizens can […]

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