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Narrative in despair: The dear Children, the fond Hope, the awful Reality of Kashmir

Nyla Ali Khan Yet again in Kashmir, the latter days of September brought heart-rending news of a mother losing her son who was in the prime of his youth. Two innocent and lovely girls losy a father around whom their world revolved. And a young woman lost a partner with whom she was creating a […]

A Mother’s Musings: On Raising Daughters

  Nyla Ali Khan   OKLAHOMA CITY – I am more cognizant than ever of the importance of raising daughters well in a world that is not kind to those perceived as weak. I love being a mother to a daughter, and am completely invested in raising her to be her own person. When I […]

In thrall to the beauteous Valley of Memory: My heart is in Kashmir

Nyla Ali Khan   Editor’s Note of introduction: Dr. Nyla Ali Khan writes with grace and precision. In a few hundred words, she can help us understand a complex matter concerning a land far away (but close to her heart) – or, in works of the heart, bring to the mind snapshots from a time […]

A loss of Secular Wisdom at a Holy Place: Regretting Erdoğan’s decree

By Nyla Ali Khan Editor’s Note: Hagia Sophia is among the world’s most historic structures. Built in A.D. 537 during the reign of [Eastern] Roman Emperor Justinian I, at the time of its completion it had the world’s largest interior space. The structure arose on a promontory in the ancient city of Byzantium, which had […]

Thoughts of Kashmir: Tension, then contentment, then worries over the now-prevailing ethos in the beloved land

Nyla Ali Khan   My father took this picture of my mother and me on my recent trip to Srinagar, in Kashmir. Although I was exhausted after a 15 hour flight to New Delhi, and then an hour and a half flight to Srinagar, the sight of my parents renewed my spirits. On that trip, […]

Dr. Nyla Ali Khan will address our challenging times on July 12 for Mayflower UCC’s Distinguished Pulpit Series

  Patrick B. McGuigan   Nyla Ali Khan will, in July, present an overview of the opportunities and difficulties within current events. Her comments will be circulated via the Internet, for Oklahoma City’s Mayflower Congregational Church. Dr. Nyla, whose writings often appear in The City Sentinel print edition and online, and at CapitolBeatOK, an online […]

The Sociopolitical and Historical Context That Shaped Women Like My Grandmother in the 1940s

Nyla Ali Khan   In what ways are women present in political contexts? Kashmiri women, from different walks of life, have managed against all odds to express their agency during the plethora of political, social, and military transformations in the past nine decades. During the growing sense of nationhood in the 1930s, and during the […]

Analysis: For areas governed by the government of India, “opening up” must mean more than economics

Nyla Ali Khan   As of Sunday (May 17), the government of India has extended the “lockdown” in most of the areas it controls, although news reports indicate some places could see easing of strictures on travel and commerce in those places where the COVID-19 nightmare seems to be easing. But references to a “lockdown” […]

In Kashmir, despite tumult and stress, any spark of hope?

Nyla Ali Khan   International conferences on Kashmir have been held on a regular basis, but the propositions discussed have failed to make a substantive impact on the fragile issue. Tensions rose this last week in wake of the Indian Army’s operation which killed a militant, but some developments feed modest hope for those who […]

Amid the hideous pandemic, praying wise souls will avoid ‘another bout of fighting’

Nyla Ali Khan   Even in the midst of this hideous pandemic, the conflict in Kashmir continues unabated. Whoever dies — civilians, soldiers, or militants — people are killed, women are widowed, and so many children orphaned. One could – without directly comparing this conflict to the novel coronavirus – call the struggles in and […]

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