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COMMENTARY: For Oklahoma, are Republican tax hikes and spending increases inevitable?

  By Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher   OKLAHOMA CITY – The historian Odie B. Faulk uttered, during an evening class in my years at Oklahoma State University, words that stuck with me through the last four decades: “Nothing is inevitable. Nothing — not the rise and fall of great nations; not the dawning of […]

OK Senate income tax measure would increase taxes for some

By Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher   OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma State Senate has advanced an income tax proposal that was characterized as a tax cut in floor discussion. Indeed, the Democratic minority has decried the proposal. However, state Tax Commission analysis of a similar (and unsuccessful) prior measure indicates the new bill could, […]

Dylan’s Song: One Boy’s Real Life, and His Parents’ Choice

By Patrick B. McGuigan   OKLAHOMA CITY – In public school, Dylan Pennington’s days were marked by large classes in which he felt lost and alone. His parents (mom Jennifer is an educator herself) became convinced his teachers had inadequate training to work effectively with special-needs children like their son. Verbally bullied, he didn’t want […]

Oklahoma Cheyenne & Arapaho leader supports marriage equality

By Amber Bighorse Special to the Paper The issue of gay marriage is only controversial if we are examining it in the context of religion and how different religions view homosexuality. In my opinion, if a society has religious freedom, then the issue of marriage equality is an easy one. As we all know, the […]

If government has a role in creating a business-friendly environment, it also has a role in subsidizing health care

By Brian Renegar Oklahoma Representative – McAlester If a role of government is creating a business friendly environment, government should also be involved in bringing health care to workers, said Rep. Brian Renegar, D-McAlester. A lot of conversation here at the capitol focuses on what will bring new business to the state. We passed worker’s […]

Why should one man control fate of Oklahoma vets?

To The Editor: How highly do we regard Oklahoma veterans? That is the question we would pose after an important bill to address their needs was blocked by one man, the Senate Appropriations Committee chair, who refused to give it a hearing this legislative session. House Bill 1942 would have created the Oklahoma Veteran Recovery […]

Israel Innovations Mark 65 years of Statehood

by Marcy Price special to the paper Israel is a land of contrasts – ancient and uber-modern, dotted with biblical sites and high tech corridors of innovation. Israel archeologists continue to explore and uncover layers of history and artifacts from biblical days, and the younger generation dance to the hip beat of Tel Aviv, recently […]

Restoring local Rights to Communities on tobacco use

Special to the paper Over the last three years state legislation to repeal tobacco preemption has been introduced. Each time the measure has failed to be heard by the full Oklahoma Legislature, despite demonstrated support from the more than 30 communities who have enacted city ordinances to ban tobacco use in areas of their communities […]

Letter to the Editor: Politics vs. compassion

  To The Editor:   Thirty-three year old Jane is lying on the emergency room bed complaining of stomach pain. This is her third ER visit in two weeks. She is worried about losing her job from missing work. We know what is causing the pain. Jane has a bad gallbladder that is full of […]

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater spoke at a luncheon held at the Raindrop Turkish House on Classen Boulevard last week.

By Bill O’Brien   The event began with Orhan Kucukosman of the Raindrop Turkish House telling the assembled guests that the people who  were responsible for the death of the American diplomats in Lbya were not Muslims but were in fact terrorists, and he said that he, and the organization that he is affiliated with, […]

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