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Commentary: Affordable Care Act makes insurance coverage possible

By Katherine Scheirman, MD Oklahoma State Director, Doctors for America Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, for the first time ever, many people who have been unable to get high quality, low-cost health insurance will soon be able to do so. Unfortunately, due to misinformation, the very people who stand to benefit the most and […]

Nothing ‘Anonymous’ about bad policies and ruined lives: Oklahoma’s prisons must change

Patrick McGuigan

By Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher A new study from “Anonymous Analytics” takes on the issue of over-incarceration and devotes critical attention to Corrections Corporation of America, one of the largest firms in the private prison industry. The document hit the world wide web in early July. Although laced with editorial commentary, the analysis accurately […]

Sen. David Holt details ‘Black Friday’ reform struggle

By Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher In the 2013 legislative session, State Sen. David Holt, R-Oklahoma City, shepherded into the statute books a major economic policy reform. He says it was not easy, despite the overwhelming majorities Republicans have in both Houses of the Legislature. In fact, the first-term legislator told The City Sentinel, his […]

Looking back on my first legislative session

by Kay Floyd On May 24, I wrapped up my first legislative session as a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. I was elected in 2012 as a Democrat to represent an urban district in the heart of Oklahoma City, which placed me squarely in the minority. Although being in the minority presented many […]

COMMENTARY: The stage is set for an unimpressive tax cut, and a big jump in state spending

By Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher No doubt, I often err. My beloved wife sometimes reminds me of her favorite among my thousands of Chinese fortune cookies: “Firm in opinion, always in the wrong.” I am but a lowly scribe, whose policy views incline to the Right – a reporter, analyst, commentator, pundit. Every now […]

COMMENTARY: After the bombing, actions spoke louder than words

By Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher OKLAHOMA CITY — It was 9:01 a.m. Late for the daily editorial meeting with E.L. Gaylord, publisher of The Oklahoman, I was rushed. The elevator I entered on Ninth did not stop until reaching the ground. About fourth or fifth floor, there was a slight sway in the vessel. […]

COMMENTARY: Practical or moral, for the sake of the ten

  By Patrick B. McGuigan   Oklahoma City — American prisons are often graduate schools of crime, places where foundational purposes of Western law – restitution and justice – are myths.   In Oklahoma, prisons and jails are more crowded than ever, as Corrections trails only Health Care as a cost-driver. People convicted of comparatively […]

COMMENTARY: Markets, mandates and the right doctors

  By Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher   When I was formally diagnosed as suffering from arthritis more than two decades ago, our general practitioner said I had to see a specialist. My wife Pam and I embarked on a search for that person. That’s when we learned the country was already facing a shortage […]

A Senate Review by Senator Al McAffrey

Oklahoma State Senate October 22, 2012 Besides November being an election month, it’s also when many of the bills approved this past session become law.  In total there are 176 bills that will become effective on November 1st including 81 Senate bills and 95 House bills.   I’d like to discuss a few Senate bills […]

Vote YES on SQ758

Representative David Dank

  To the Editor:   Most economists agree that it’s bad to raise taxes when times are tough. Unfortunately, one Oklahoma tax goes up every year. State law allows county assessors to raise property taxes up to five percent annually, in good times and bad. On Election Day, Oklahoma taxpayers will have a chance to […]

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