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COMMENTARY: Few dare call it bribery: Grants, e-cigs, and another brick in the wall

  By Patrick B. McGuigan   OKLAHOMA CITY – Call me slow, but don’t call me dumb. Call me patient, but don’t call me long-suffering. Slow to burn? Yep. Clueless? Nope. The Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) is cajoling and pressuring local communities into equating e-cigarettes and similar products (“personal vaporizers” as fans call […]

Dollars and Sense: OK prison reform by the numbers, and in understanding hearts

  By Patrick B. McGuigan   OKLAHOMA CITY – It matters not if true prison reform comes for practical reasons or for more reasons, of some combination of each. What matters is whether or not change will happen. For fiscal reasons, effective alternatives to incarceration for nonviolent crime must be nurtured, to flatten or reverse […]

Dr. Smith goes to Washington: OK’s favorite (doctor) son rises to national prominence advocating for free markets

By Patrick B. McGuigan   OKLAHOMA CITY – Opposition to the Affordable Care Act is only one of the reasons Dr. G. Keith Smith is scheduled to appear Monday night on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News program. Smith and his colleagues have since the early 1990s rebuffed not only federal health care funding, but most “Big […]

COMMENTARY: Ronald Reagan, John Kennedy and the Republic

 Pat McGuigan Oklahoma City – A few years ago, during one of her visits to Oklahoma City for a speech, I spent time with columnist Peggy Noonan, a friend from my decade of work in Washington, D.C. Ted Kennedy had died a few days before. Our conversation turned not to Ted, but to Ronald Reagan’s […]

Good Citizens: Russell Perry and Vicki Miles belong in the Hall of Fame

Russell Perry

By Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher OKLAHOMA CITY – When I left The Oklahoman editorial page in 2002, some local politicians – both liberal and conservative – hoped they’d seen the last of me. Russell Perry, publisher of The Black Chronicle and owner of the largest privately-held radio broadcasting company in the U.S., wanted me […]

In Oklahoma and Israel, blessings from a broken heart

By Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher   I felt safe, in crowds or on my own, everywhere I went in Israel. I feel safe here at home, since returning from my vacation in the Holy Land. In both cases, the sense of safety may be delusional, given the news of terrorist violence that reaches here […]

COMMENTARY: Whether start-up nation or pipeline nation, Israel’s economy booms, shadowed by Iran’s push for nukes

By Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher JERUSALEM – An acclaimed book describes the modern state of Israel as a “Start-Up Nation” – an economic miracle wrought by determined people in a desert land, in the midst of war and despite the nearness of enemies. The 300-page book by Dan Senor and Saul Singer is better […]

The man who made the world one

  By Patrick B. McGuigan The sailors — from Spain and other nations — grew restless after a month of sailing to the west. They only continued the voyage because they could see for themselves what the Italian captain kept pointing out: there were birds in the sky, and bits of wood floating on the […]

COMMENTARY: Americans choose school choice, as the future rushes in

By Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher   You might say, in the immortal words of Charles Dickens, that when it comes to education reform, particularly choice, these are “the best of times, and the worst of times. “ On the down side, endless legal challenges continue to arise every time a choice system is enacted […]

OSU football’s Sex, drugs, rock ’n roll: More, or less, than meets the eye?

By Patrick B. McGuigan OKLAHOMA CITY – Allegations over fraud and abuse in Oklahoma State University football, dating from over a decade ago through 2007 and perhaps later, are detailed in a multi-part series in America’s most popular sports magazine. The stories have it all: sex and drugs, rocky relations between players and coaches, pay-to-play […]

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