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Dr. Nyla Ali Khan addresses Kashmir crisis for members of Oklahoma “Inns of Court”

  Patrick B. McGuigan   Oklahoma City, OK – In a recent speech to Oklahoma members of the national “Inns of Court,” a leading American voice for her native Kashmir — Dr. Nyla Ali Khan – addressed “politics that create short-sightedness” during the current crisis in northern India. A crowd of around 190 people attended […]

COMMENTARY: Remembering Currie Ballard: Inspiration to Oklahomans

By Patrick B. McGuigan   OKLAHOMA CITY — Currie Ballard, one of Oklahoma’s most respected historians, died last week at his home in Logan County. Ballard’s personal brand of political conservatism, including leadership among African-Americans in the Republican Party, influenced a generation of politicians and policymakers. In a statement, Gov. Mary Fallin described Ballard as […]

Mourning and evening: Memories of Things Past, and reflections on the days to come

by Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher OKLAHOMA CITY – We gathered July 1, a windy Wednesday at Lake Hefner in north Oklahoma City. Next to the curved walls of the Eisenhower Plaza there were perhaps 100 people, mostly Jews but a few others, like me. We remembered three Israeli boys who were kidnapped, their tortured […]

Sparks Flying: Party purity and discretionary wisdom

By Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher   The late Paul M. Weyrich, no conservative slouch but nonetheless a man interested in seeing conservatives govern after generations in the policy wilderness, told me a funny story early in my 10 years of work with him during the 1980s. We were discussing the tendency in politics among […]

COMMENTARY: Once upon a time in Washington, a former POW remembered, and I listened

    By Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher OKLAHOMA CITY – Jeremiah Denton spent eight years (1965-73) as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, including time in the “Hanoi Hilton.” Hailed as a hero after his return to the U.S., Denton won Alabama’s 1980 U.S. Senate race. He was among the notable victors in […]

COMMENTARY: The wonderful thing about open records is that they are open to everyone

By Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher   OKLHOMA CITY — In those glorious films based on the ‘Winnie the Pooh’ stories, the character of “Tigger” sang memorably concerning “The wonderful thing about Tiggers.” At one point Tigger concludes a chorus declaring that the best thing of all about Tiggers is “I’m the only one.” When […]

COMMENTARY: Battle over E-cigarettes in Oklahoma is getting lost in the weeds

By Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher   OKLAHOMA CITY — As a new legislative week begins at the Oklahoma Capitol, proposals are advancing to clarify that e-cigarettes are products that cannot be sold to minors. Such is already policy in many businesses which sell such devices. In simplistic terms, at least, the disagreement is not […]

State Finance Secretary says appropriations will be tight, but “the sky is not falling”

  By Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher   Although the Oklahoma economy is growing and total tax revenue is up, the amount available for legislative appropriations, in the general revenue fund, is down. But the state official responsible for monitoring state government cash flow preempted critics of a proposed income tax cut, saying the state […]

COMMENTARY: Mayor Mick should debate Dr. Ed

by Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher Mayor Mick Cornett may win another term of office. However, that is not guaranteed. An election is scheduled for March 4. The mayor has presided over Oklahoma’s largest and most important city in a time of economic growth, and during an era of optimism about the future of our […]

Commentary: Law and life, secrecy and privacy, politics and wisdom

By Patrick B. McGuigan Associate Publisher The great Solomon prayed not for wealth or power or even the defeat of his enemies, but for wisdom. And it was granted unto him (1 Kings 3: 7-12, in all translations) As I grow older, this seems the better part of valor. As an important mayoral election nears, […]

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