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In Ward 5, Re-elect David Greenwell

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David Greenwell is a candidate for Oklahoma City Ward 5. Photo provided.

The City Sentinel Endorsement

David Greenwell has always lived in South Oklahoma City. After graduating from Capitol Hill High School, he earned bachelor and MBS degrees. He is a certified public accountant, hinting at his instinctive tendency to watch out for taxpayers’ money.

Greenwell is asking for a third term as Ward 5’s City Council member.  The City Sentinel supports him.

Every week Greenwell brings his financial oversight ability to bear. He identifies important issues from the git-go, talking things over in a way that contributes to other members’ understanding and appreciation of possible impacts. He does this with respect for all elements in his diverse part of the city, and among Council colleagues.

He helped guide adoption of plans steadily to increase the number of uniformed police officers to 1,200.  By 2018, the City slightly surpassed the goal. The results have been significant in reduced response time and greater coverage of our City’s 620 square miles.

Four years ago, Greenwell pressed for improved City streets.  He warned fellow council members of the strongly voiced concerns about the issue at home owner’s association meetings.  With passage of the 2017 GO Bonds and Better Streets initiative, the City is in the early stages of a $700 million makeover of the arterial streets and neighborhood streets and sidewalks.

Ward 5 voters: Please keep David Greenwell on the job.

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