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Capitol Report for May 28: Is the state budget real? And, some credit for resisting tax hikes and unsustainable spending.

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News9 reporter Alex Cameron (left) and CapitolBeakOK / City Sentinel editor Pat McGuigan

News9 reporter Alex Cameron (left) and CapitolBeakOK / City Sentinel editor Pat McGuigan

In the News9 Capitol Report for May 28, analyst Pat McGuigan said it was “50-50 at best that we actually have a budget” after the difficult 2016 session of the state Legislature. There are holes in the process that the process dependent on what might be overly optimistic economic assumptions about taxpayer reactions to fee hikes and other changes in state law.

The CapitolBeatOK editor expressed disappointment with what the state faced because Republicans did not carry out promises made in the 2010 campaign when they took control of all of state government.

“Tight-sizing never took place, so there were no good choices when the energy economy tanked,” the CapitolBeatOK editor told News9’s Justin Daugherty. School administration remain unreformed, even though education at all levels gets 51 percent of all government spending.

However, McGuigan credited the House for avoiding broad-based tax increases, and the Senate for resisting unsustainable Medicaid expansion. Also, he said both Houses, and both parties, deserve credit, along with Gov. Fallin, criminal justice reforms.

Watch the May 28 Capitol Report here

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