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Time for criminal justice reform, both state and federal

A rally for “Just Lawmaking and Sensible Lawmakers” will be held on Saturday, April 2 at the Oklahoma State Capitol south plaza at noon. File photo

To the Editor: As someone who recently worked in the state legislature as a Page Chamber Lead, I have seen firsthand how a bill becomes a law. All legislation goes through a thorough vetting process as staff and legislators consider the most effective way to solve a problem facing their community. In a time when […]

Reader Poll Part Two: The Death Penalty – Why or why not?

By Patrick B. McGuigan, editor June 5, 2016 OKLAHOMA CITY — Although polling organizations continue to find majority support for capital punishment for the worst crimes, public affirmation of the ultimate sanction appears to be slipping. Here in Oklahoma, polls indicate that many who have previously backed executions have shifted toward a preference for penalties […]

‘A productive, tax-paying citizen’ who supports criminal justice reform

Nathasha Purnell, at podium, speaks Thursday (June 2), moments before a delegation of citizens submitted initiative petition signatures seeing ballot status two criminal justice reform proposals. Photo Provided

By Natasha Purnell My name is Natasha Purnell. I began using drugs at 12 years old.  As an adolescent, I would run away from home and stay gone for weeks. I had always felt different or out of place when I was young, and I was using drugs and hanging out with the wrong crowd […]

COMMENTARY: Judicial Reform? Keep Selection Over Election

Julie Knutson, president and CEO of the Oklahoma Academy for State Goals, based in Norman. Photo Provided

By Julie Knutson In 2014, The Oklahoma Academy annual Town Hall focused on Oklahoma’s Health, and throughout the three-day session a common phrase was often heard: “At least we aren’t as unhealthy as Mississippi.” The 2015 Town Hall focused on the Oklahoma budget, and again, a phrase heard throughout the Town Hall conference was, “at […]

Honoring ‘The Defender’ – the story of one of America’s most consequential newspapers


by Patrick B. McGuigan Rarely does any one book capture a city and one of its most vital institutions as well as ‘The Defender: How the Legendary Black Newspaper Changed America’ (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016, 633 pages with index and bibliography, $32 hardcover). This tale of the Chicago newspaper founded by Robert Sengstacke Abbott in […]

COMMENTARY: Dust to dust, ashes to ashes … Reflections on law, mortality and the meaning of words

Justice Antonin Scalia

by Patrick B. McGuigan, editor This past week was Ash Wednesday. Words associated with it are as meaningful as all words in Scripture. When the faithful gather to receive the remains of burnt Palms, we are reminded, “Remember that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return.” These are solemn words, worth hearing. In […]

OPINION Gratitude for 10 years of ‘the peak of education in Oklahoma

J.R. Gray

by J.R. Gray OKLAHOMA CITY – I have been in Catholic Schools all of my life, and for the past ten years, I feel that I have been granted the peak of education in Oklahoma. Bishop John Carroll is a school like no other. It is a place of fun, excitement, kind and interesting teachers, […]

NEWS ANALYSIS: Scholar fears choice opportunities could be smothered in higher regulation

Jay P. Greene

By Patrick B. McGuigan, editor OKLAHOMA CITY – Scholar Jay P. Greene has raised a red flag in a red state, telling Oklahoma policymakers to tread cautiously when considering tougher “accountability” measures in exchange for more school choice. In a recent interview concerning the national “state of play” for school choice, Greene – distinguished professor […]

To Readers of The City Sentinel:

Joe Dorman

To readers of  The City Sentinel: A friend of mine was critical about all the negativity on social media, so I took on the challenge of posting one positive comment each day on social media. I end it with the hashtag of #JDThanks365 for each of these daily appreciations. Last week, one of my comments […]

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! And other good wishes, too.

Joe Dorman

By Joe Dorman Merry Christmas! There, I said it. Did that hurt anyone’s feelings? What if I were to wish you happy holidays instead? I know that would anger a few people. In this age of hyper-sensitivity, I do not understand why people get so offended when one wishes to spread cheer with whatever greeting […]

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